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War in the Pacific

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Part 343: Operational Report: 14/11/42

Tarawa has been quiet for the last few days, and our boys have been doing all they can to repair the airfield and the planes stationed there – and today they manage to get two planes into the air, and one of them even gets a kill!

Those fighters I transferred to Milne bay get some action today, but can do little against the massed Japanese fighter screen.

Even the next wave is to much for the pilots.

At Lunga, the attack on the Japanese goes fairly well, although its costing us in tanks, the jungle not being the best place for them, and they are getting disabled easily.

Somehow, the Dutch Harbor soldiers continue to hold out.

South of Hangchow, we continue to reduce down the Japanese soldiers who are cut off behind our lines. Although the word lines in China is fairly meaningless.

To the north, we reduce the Japanese fortifications, but cause few casualties.

At Kiangtu, North-East of Nanking, we see some hard combat, but we cause sever damage to the Japanese forces and break through to the last level of their defenses.

In Nanking itself, the Japanese put up a stiff defense, but we need to keep pushing them.

A good day in China, the little mopping up offensive has gone well across the board, less the high losses in Nanking. We are also making advances in Guandalcanal.
Today's interesting news is this.

Yep, I now have 6 squadrons of bombers in Shanghai, and the air bombardment of Japan is almost ready to begin – they need a few days to repair their planes damaged in the long journey across India and China from Ceylon, but soon we will be ready to cause some real havoc on the mainland.