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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 374: Operational Report: 15/12/42

The Amberjack starts to interdict supplies to the Marshall Islands, but was put off by dud torpedoes.

The Pike is also in the area, and puts two dud torpedoes into the side of the cruiser Haguro.

You can see more subs in the area from this image of the continued bombing of Tarawa.

The Chinese bombers go out again, and cause some more minor damage to the enemy resources.

The Japanese forces in the south launch an attack on our men, and are cut down in large numbers.

In the north, the Japanese have more success, sending our men at Tatung fleeing with heavy losses.

Our men at Suchow are also sent running.

We catch up with the 104th Imperial Division once more, and they manage to hold off our men, although once more we manage to kill more Japanese than were officially defending the positions.

The Vengance bombers begin making ground attacks on Akyab, but run into some heavy flak.

The B17's make their raid on mainland Japan, but are unable to hit anything – at least they show in fairly good numbers.

The Japanese continue to hit our ships at Merauke, who seem to be ignoring my “get the hell out of there” orders.

These Kates are bloody deadly as well.

While their other carriers raid Rossel island, making sure that I know that any ships sent into the area will have to deal with them.

The men on the ground at Guadalcanal take some heavy losses, but are continuing their attacks.

At Merauke, we send the Japanese forces defending the base fleeing into the Jungle beyond.

A mixed day, we managed to keep the number of bases held stable, we really have lost the north of China, while securing the south. The reopening of the Shanghai Express is a good thing, even if today was ineffective.

We get another escort carrier, and its one of the good ones that can carry two squadrons. The fleet carriers should be home tomorrow or the day after, so things are looking up for some more action.

And Intelligence give something that is actually useful – a troop report from one of the targeted islands. This being Intelligence though, it has to be the Kwajakein base force.