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Part 399: Operational Report: 09/01/43

The Kota Baroe sinks overnight, the fires raging our of control claiming her.
The forces from Namara island are moving further north to take another island. The Betty's come for them, but are unable to get any hits. - Thank God.

The forces at Rio-Namur is attacked again, and even the level bombers can hit a battleship it seems.

They also take a ctrack at Makin, and get a torpedo into one of the transports there.

We take another crack at those cruisers, and only find the Kuma, she has some fighter support from one of the islands, but we still get a hit on her.

At Kwajalein, we find one of the enemy destroyers, and sink her – because the world is always better off with less Japanese destroyers.

Another wave comes into Makin, and once more, its a British battleship that takes the brunt of the damage.

Are any battleships going to survive this invasion?
In the afternoon, we send 42 dive bombers to the Kuma, just to make sure that we get a hit.

The battle of Makin is all but over, as we overrun the combat troops and cause several casualties in the rear.

In a surprise move, the Japanse forces suffer massive losses at Rio-Namur, and we take control of the island.

The I-1 continues is long running duel with the Canadian anti sub patrols, this time she hits one with a torpedo.

We damage the sub, but lose the hunter some time later.

The forces at Finschhafen are attack as well, but of the nine or so waves of bombers that come in, only one bomb hits – and I miss the screen shot.

But the men are ashore, and the remaining Japanese forces are sent fleeing from the port as we retake it.

Yesterdays surrender of 300 Japanese at Guadalcanal seems to have sparked a mass surrender, as the entire remnants of the 38th Division surrenders today, only a few fanatical soldiers fight back, causing some minor casualties.

The Shanghai Express continues its work on Nagasaki, which I have been calling Hiroshima for the last week I think.

Akyab is hit after a long period of quiet in Burma. #

The battle of Kiangtu continues.

We also catch up with the Canton defence forces once more, and send them running.

Well, that was a day for massed surrender of Japanese forces, I never expected to take Guadalcanal, Finschhfen and Rio-Namur in one day!
Annoyingly, we see a drop of 150 base points! I don't understand this game sometimes.
The bulk of the men from Finschhfen are going to reload onto the transports and land at Gasmata on New Britain, there they can march to Rabaul, and try an avoid a costly amphibious assault there.

More ships are lost, but at least we seem to have got one of those cruisers.

This shows how effective the bombing of Nagasaki is, we're slowly cutting into the efficiency of that shipyard.

Rogue0071 posted:

Seriously do this, I got part of a British brigade sunk en route to Mersing because the transport got hit my a Lily that somehow got through all the Hurricanes I put in Singapore and the fuel caused massive fires damage.

It shames me to say, I've never noticed this, but will do so forthwith.