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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 400: Operational Report: 10/01/43

The I-4 is spotted by our ASW patrol, they attack, and claim to have damaged the subs engines, although I have no idea how they know this.

The force that is now approaching Mili is attacked by more Betty's. Makoelap is their current base, the enemy forces having relocated there after we took out their main airbases.

The Chester becomes the next ship due for a lengthy trip to the Shipyards.

They then hit one of the cargo ships.

Our bombers make a strike at Kwajalein island in large numbers.

Once there, they find a Japanese cruiser and lay into her. I am disappointed to the ordinance to hits ratio, but at least she now seems to be crippled. Attacking these ships is taking planes away from striking enemy runways.

We do manage to hit Makoelap, and take out one of those dammed bombers, but the runway will still be operational.

At Rio-Namur, we take out most of the remaining Japanese forces, mostly support soldiers more than happy to surrender to our forces. This wipes out a unit by attrition as well.

The Finschhafen forces are attacked once more, but the Bettys are using bombs, not torpedoes, so our ships take less damage than they could of from a wave of 24 of these killers.

Our bombers spot another enemy convoy moving in the area, but this looks like troop ships, so nothing of to much immediate threat.

The Shanghai express are still being harassed by those Nates.

At least they are doing little than causing some minor damage.

Our bombers have a clear run at ruining the Nagasaki Shipyards. Although I'm still not sure what could be under construction there.

The Japanese launch one of their own attacks at Kaingtu, but we outnumber their forces by more than three to one, and little ground can be made.

Once again, our base points have dropped. So apparently taking more ground will decrease our score.

We also lost several more ships. I've moved planes from Port Moresby to Finschhafen to try and help a bit.

I do like the “heavy volume of radio transmissions at Rabaul” one, really? From their main fleet base in the region? I would never have guessed.