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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 411: Operational Report: 21/01/43

The Naval fortresses continue to hammer at our ships.

The amount of damage done to some ships is tremendous, and several more sink beneath the waves, as the Marshall Islands becomes more and more of a fiasco.

The Ryujo makes an attack on Eniwetok.

After their successes yesterday, the Japanese at Maloelap make an attack on our forces, who manage to hold.

Our forces counter attack, but this turns into a major error.

One of our freighters gets a lucky break near Newcastle, as the Japanese seem to have their own dud torpedoes.

We have another good day at Darwin, as we take down seven enemy planes without loss.

There is a large air battle over Finschhafen today, but one one plane is shot down.

Our forces in the north of Shortlands have been reinforced by troops from the south, and begin their attacks.

I put the Shanghai Express onto Commanders Choice, and they decide to bomb Chengchow. I don't get some of these commanders.

The Japanese make yet another ill advised attack on our forces at Kiangtu.

The forces from Nanning have pursued our own men, and run into our guns.

The Japanese send a large fighter sweep over Akyab, and take down our only patrolling fighter.

This is followed by even more fighters and a whole host of bombers, it seems that the Japanese have reinforced their air corps in the area.

While the Japanese on the ground continue to try and shift our forces from their beachhead on their side of the river, but our boys continue to put up a good fight.

Well, this is going well. Aren't they.
We lose another large number of troops, and more ships. We're forever losing ships here, its dammed annoying!