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Part 412: Operational Report: 22/01/43

Would someone please take out that 15cm battery.

Please? Anyone?

The Ryujo makes another attack on Eniwetok, but causes minor damage.

I really hope they don't come in deeper into the Marshall's, as that would get messy.

Well, messier.
Kwajalein is progressing at least, but its the heavy forts that are causing us the most pain.

There is another massed raid on Finschaffen.

Their next attack manages to land a hit on on of the ships.

Low on supplies, the Shanghai express makes another attack on Nagasaki, but makes no hits. I may rest them for a while while I ship supplies in via air transports.

There is another raid on Akyab, or two Hurricanes do their best, and no damage is made to the port.

The Japanese continue their pointless attacks at Kiangtu, their numbers don't seem to have reduced much, so they must have decent supplies.

And we counter attack, as normal.

We continue to attack at Wuhu, but its slow going, and our men will need some time before they can make any real gains.

Not to bad a day, we need reinforcements to take the last few islands in the Marshalls. So I have ordered more troops at Pearl to start planning. The fleet carriers are now at Pearl, and need a couple of days to replace their lost planes.

While we continue to lose more ships.

Beyond that, we're making advances, with so much material tied up in the Marshall Islands, its going to be some time before we can plan any other major offensives.