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Part 482: Operational Report: 02/04/43

The Japanese make another night strike at Howrah. Once more they damage the unused runway.

The port at Gasmata gets another hammering today, if we did want to use it now it would take weeks of repair.

I start the fighting up at Shortlands once more, the heavy Japanese fortifications there make it hard, but we do okay today. This will be a slow fight however at this rate.

Once again, poor weather over Nagasaki saves the Japanese heavy industry from any damage.

I wonder if I should start rotating planes through Darwin for the practice.

The Japanese carriers make another visit to Eniwetok, once more damaging the airfield. I wonder if

We make an attack south of Chuhsien, but it meets stiff opposition.

We do have an exceptional day at Kiangtu however, not only do we kill over a thousand Japanese defenders, we have finally broken the 15,000 mark!

I've been bombarding at Sinyang for weeks now, but there is rarely any damage. Today however, we wipe out an enemy unit apparently consisting of two guns.

Once again, China provides most of the entertainment, I am really hoping for a breakthrough at Kiangtu, I want to get the steamroller on the roll once more.

I will be away from the 4th until the 7th, so will need someone to post for me on those day, and possibly the 8th as well.