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by Grey Hunter

Part 492: Operational Report: 12/04/43

One of our cargo ships has a lucky escape near Ceylon, with a Japanese submarine captain being unusually poor with his aim.

Those blasted long ranged Betty's strike even further into our territory.

There is another night strike on Shanghai, but only the runway takes any hits this time – although without the runway, there will be no bombing runs on Japan.

North of Nanking, we cut another road, and send more of the Japanese troops headlong in retreat.

We then chip more men off the Kiangtu defenders.

In the north, near Tsinan, we somehow manage to make the Japanese forces there retreat, I was really expecting this force to be wiped out.

The damage to Shanghai's runway has yet to halt the Express, who cause more damage to the industry in Nagasaki.

More bombs fall on Gasmata's port.

There is another carrier group attacking Eniwetok again – I could try and hunt them down, but as long as they are attacking low priority targets, there is little point.

Eniwetok is looking forward to its next supply delivery. Meanwhile, the war in China continues to go well for us – if we can break Kiangtu, then we can free up a large number of troops to continue the advance north.

Our carriers have reached Suva, and are now ready to move north for the first softening up raid on Rabaul.

It seems that we're getting our first Hellcats out just in time. Its going to take some time to replace these planes, but its going to be worth it.

They have a hundred mile increase in range, 4,400 feet higher altitude. They are a little slower, but can climb at nearly twice the rate, can take more of beating. So their a little less manoeuvrings, its a small price to pay for a plane that can be in the air for an extra hour and a half.

You may now start your discussions on the merits of American Fighter models.

Saros posted:

Grey with the china combats you need to stop using shock attacks when you are already coming out at better than 1:1 combat odds. Shock attacks are good for taking down forts or getting the adjusted AV over 1:1 but they expose you forces to twice as much enemy firepower during combat resolution and that's what is causing the massive casualties on your side.

I know, its a bad habit I've gotten into, I'm getting better at it, but there is still a way to go.