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Part 491: Operational Report: 11/04/43

The battering of our ships continues, but so does the rapid unloading of troops there.

These Betty's seem to be coming in from a new direction, the north of Papua New Guinea. They go right for the already ruined port.

While Dili gets another battering.

We continue to fight at Shortlands, but it continues to be slow going.

There is another round of fighting over Cox's Bazar, we are doing much better in the air, but the Japanese get through to the airfield, and we lose some parked planes.

The daily Kiangtu report looks good once more, their down past 12,000 now and coming apart fast.

Sinyang defiantly needs to have a rest, as one of our smaller units is wiped out today.

A fairly quiet day, but it seems that the men sent to invade Maloelap have returned to Ailinglaplap. It seems that I shall have to call off any hopes of taking the island. I shall now move up some fighters and bombers to the region to make the lives of the men there hell.
Damaged ships from this group will be sent back to Pearl, while everything else is re-tasking for the Rabaul invasion.

I do remember to stop the Dili air strikes though.