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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 507: Operational Report: 27/04/43

There is a night time attack on Cox's Bazar, I'd love to find out where these things are based from.

Come daylight, they come in, and we take down five more of them, mainly their Oscar fighters.

they send in some unescorted Bettys in the afternoon, and these are my second kind of Betty. The fighters do their best to turn four of them into my favourite kind.

Gasmata is attacked once more by Betties, and some more damage is heaped onto the port.

Ships are now fleeing our carriers approaching Rabaul, but the British torpedo bombers are ready – even if they do have some dud torpedoes of their own. - god dammed lend-lease – were going to spend seventy years paying off this!

At least the other torpedo was live.
The afternoon rolls around, and the massed raid on Rabaul begins, we hit two ships in the harbour, but two of our planes are damaged by running into the cables of barrage balloons. There is also general damage to the airfield and the troops defending the port.

Oh dear.

This ships were supposed to be on their way to Suva days ago! What are they still doing here?

I also have to question where all my fighters and bombers are, they should be here as well, the second wave in the afternoon makes sure we're not going to have these battleships for the invasion of Rabaul.

South of Chuhsien, we see the Japanese attacking again, but our boys are ready to hold them.

Kiangtu has another day of us blowing apart Japanese soldiers as they try and rebuild their trenches on the front line.

We also see a good number of squads destroyed at Nanking, even if the losses themselves are relativity low.

Hmm, lets look at the bill then.

Owch, that could be better. I think we've lost both of these. I split the Battleships off and send them back to Pearl. We'll make a few more reefs soon I think.

Say, whats going on in the other LP's? There's nothing to see here.
I knew I shouldn't have done a turn today, everything I have touched has turned to dust this week, so I'm going to stop for now. I have enough of a buffer to have a bad luck break.