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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 508: Operational Report: 28/04/43

The Albacore picks off another freighter near Marcus Island. These improved torpedoes are starting to show themselves.

She then shoots up another ship in the same convoy.

The Japanese carriers move off again, sparing our loaded troop ships another day of bombardment.

their few remaining ships at Maloelap have a crack at it, but fail to hit them.

There is a force of Japanese ships near Finschhafen, is this another invasion force, or a supply force for one of the nearby enemy bases.

Our carriers launch another large raid into Rabaul, and in a small measure of revenge for Pearl Harbor, we leave a good number of ships on fire.

The Shanghai express makes another unsuccessful attack on Nagasaki.

Our forces at Haichow are attacked, its not the superstack, and our boys are able to put up a good defence.

Our men then counter attack, with mixed results.

We make another good attack on Kiangtu.

At Katha, the enemy forces have been reinforced, but they still cannot make much ground against our troops.

What's that, no sunk battleships? They are going to stay at Ailingalaplap and try and repair as much damage as possible. As their speeds are 1 knots and 3 knots, its more efficient this way – even if they spend the rest of the war here, at least I've not lost any points!