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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 509: Operational Report: 29/04/43

We bounce another dud torpedo off the side of a cargo ship near the Marshall Islands.

Eniwetok gets another pasting by carrier based planes.

But it seems like another force coming in from the north.

Our carriers find the Kiso, and slam four bombs into her, one at least penetrates and explosions are seen.

In the afternoon, they return, and while they get no hits, they are able to watch the cruiser sink beneath the waves.

That convoy we saw yesterday is definitely a supply run to that base we bypassed, and our Beauforts make their attack once more.

Meanwhile, the rest of our carrier planes are setting fire to another cruiser at Rabaul.

We have a poor day over Cox's Bazar, against an unescorted wave of all things!

Our men at Katha continue to hold out against a Japanese force three times their size.

We lose Haichow today as the rest of that huge Japanese force arrives.

The operation to surround Kiangtu continues, as we run into incoming reinforcements.

while in the city itself, we close in on the 9,000 man mark.

Ahh, the Rabaul preparation raids continue to go very well. We add another cruiser to our list.
I am worried about that super stack still, but as long as it stays in the north, we should be okay, I'm still hoping to clean up the south and then free up some troops.

The Battleships are set up and repairing, if I can fix up some of the damage, then we could ship them back a but safer.
But their not sunk! That's a plus for me!