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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 526: Operational Report: 16/05/43

A Japanese fighter sweep gives us more of an even chance today, but we don't make the most of it.

While we only have a few planes to defend when the bombers come in, they do a good job of keeping them away from the runway.

With their newly discovered 8,000 tonnes of supplies, the Shanghai Express swings into action.

Seriously guys, 19 casualties? Lets hope that’s just what you were counting as you rained death from above.
The lead element of our Kiangtu forces finds that the Japanese have not retreated that far. I may well retask the Shanghai express to hammer these guys for a while, to save on fuel costs.

Once again, two squadrons of bombers, one hit. Time to fire some commanders I think.

Not this guy though, he can stay.

Then Japanese sub hunters are doing their job well the last couple of days.

Our 800 points increase from yesterday has not vanished, so it was not a blip in the calculations, this makes me feel a dam sight better about the month, as 800 points is a good chunk of change when your trailing by 10,000 points.

The Wake Island invasion force is on its way.

Yes, I am properly using escort carriers now. Lets see how that goes.