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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 543: Operational Report: 02/06/43

Shanghai gets one plane into the air, but Captain Fong cannot do anything but get himself shot down – at least he manages to bail out.

The enemy losses continue to be high at Hwaiyin, if not so high today in troops its high in squads.

I'm torn at Sinyang. Our men are needing a rest and resupply, and the ratio has dropped to the Japanese favour, but we did destroy a unit today.

I think I will rest them – Or at least switch to bombarding for a few days – it seems to be working at Kiukiang.

We continue to bomb the enemy forces outside of Rabaul.

As well as Rabaul itself. They seem to have an unending supply of Topsy's down there, we tend to blow one up every day.

There is some more fighting over Cox's Bazar as we drive off a unescorted bomber wave.

The larger Betty wave gets through, as we don't have as many planes in the air – although we don't let them get away scot free.

We're not so lucky when they hit Akyab however.

Time for a rest day tomorrow in Sinyang. I've got no more fighters to send to Shanghai – there are fighter squadrons, but none have any planes at this time, and until they do I cannot move them to Shanghai where they can be resupplied.

Intelligence say that one of the cruisers we attacked around Rabaul has sunk, but I'm not counting it yet – even if it is likely.