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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 545: Operational Report: 04/06/43

We only get one plane into the air to meet the Shanghai raid today, but the pilot,- whoever he is – makes a dam good showing of himself.

The Kaveng Dauntless's make their first appearance in the war, doing exactly what I wanted them to do, hit ships trying to resupply Japanese formations in the area.

the bombers continue their work over the troops blocking our advance on Rabaul.

And over Rabaul itself, they are now cut off, and we're going to bleed them.

There will be some action in Burma tomorrow, as our men have finally advanced – they have had to move 80 miles by road to get the 40 miles across the hex. Thanks to the dammed terrain in the area. But movement forwards should be quicker from here on out – as long as the Japanese have not massively resupplied, but my scouts say they have not.