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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 551: Operational Report: 10/06/43

The Japanese finally send their Betties out to hit our ship unloading near Rabaul, and our fighters seem to be missing.

They don;t get it all their own way however.

I was right about the supply ship though. Hopefully we stopped her getting to many supplies ashore.

The dive bombers also find another supply convoy coming in, and wreck that as well.

I also found some Vengeance dive bombers that were tasked to recon for some unknown reason – they prove what their real job is today.

We hammer the Rabaul area with almost the full strength of our bomber force.

I find it hard to believe that we missed with all that – the smoke and debris must have obscured the scouts.

There is a further smattering of activity in the Marshall Islands – I'm surprised that there are supplies enough left on Maloelap to allow the Japanese planes to take off.

But here they are, taking off and getting shot down.

The is another raid on Cox's Bazar, and the results are as normal – a minor win for us.

An unescorted Betty squadron breaks through our defences and hits our airfield.

A large Japanese force has arrived at Nanyang – we hold them off today because of our fortifications, but this looks to be one of the two superstacks, so we will be retreating soon enough. The enemy may well be trying to break the deadlock at Sinyang in their own way.

Dam that superstack. That is exactly not what I wanted.

For those worried, the bulk of the troops that invaded wake are now on their way back and Wake is being resupplied.