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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 550: Operational Report: 09/06/43

The Japanese go for the runway at Shanghai once more – at least this time we have some planes in the air to meet them. This is a good tactic for the enemy, as we don't have the supplies to repair the runway easily.

Of course, this does not stop us from continuing to bombard the enemy positions in Sinyang.

I'm taking this to mean more supplies have reached Rabaul. Although no cargo ships are seen, I know that there would not be a lone patrol boat in the area.

The bombing of the enemy troops in Rabaul itself begins tofay.

The troops at Rabaul are much less fatigued and disrupted than I expected, so the order to march on has been given today.
The rest of the areas are just moving troops around at the moment. The carriers are on their way north once more, but I plan to scout Truk with them.

Oddly, I mention Truk the day before I post the move north. It seems like my brain is now in sync with this thread three weeks in arrears.