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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 556: Operational Report: 15/06/43

The Battle of Truk continues for a second day.

The enemy only get 22 Zeros into the air, and we blast past them and onto the already damaged carriers.

We hit them without mercy, bombs explode across the flight decks of all three Japanese flat tops.
A squadron of Dauntless's comes in unescorted, and puts more ordinance into the burning carriers.

Come the afternoon, only the Shoho can get fighters into the air.

The Hiyo is nowhere to be seen, which most likely means she has been sunk, the other two carriers will soon follow her I think.

The Betties come for our airfield at Kaveng, but our planes are ready for them – I think the real kill tally is more like five planes, judging from the combat replay.

We continue to soften up Rabaul for our advancing troops, but the Japanese defenders must know they are now cut off.

Our planes prevent an enemy attack on Alingalaplap. We stop them from causing any damage to our airfield and take some of them out as well.

An unescorted raid comes in over Cox's Bazar, and Ace pilot Wigglesworth leads the attack.

Our forces are at the gates of Prome, and its seems that the Gatekeepers are not hanging around.

Time to see if Intel agrees with me on the death of the Hiyo.
While the number of ships sunk has not changed, I have increased my points score by 600, and have 55 planes listed as destroyed on the ground.
So, intel says she is not sunk.

The carriers are now returning to Sydney, as they are low on supplies, and I know there are still several Japanese fleet carriers out there. I have killed one, and maybe three of their most important ships, and I am not greedy.

On the West Coast sits an infantry Division. I go to Washington and tell them I am in dire need of extra hands to help the XI Bomber command, building runways and the such. While I do not think they will believe such a boldfaced lie, I try it.

The agree, and transfer the unit over to me, I still have 600 of my political points left! SO I try the gambit again.

I just freed up 40,000 troops for the war! Time to find some ships to get them out of America before the politicians come to their senses.