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Part 576: Operational Report: 05/07/43

It seems that we still have a few dud torpedoes in stores.

The Shanghai Express makes a rare visit to Nagasaki, but fails to get any recorded hits.

We try a bomber raid on Maleolap, which does not go well.

Finschhafen is attacked again, and our fighters take some more of the Betties out.

Of course, today was only ever going to be about one thing, and the assault is supported by what is the most varied, if not the largest, raid in the war.

Then the assault goes in.

As expected, the Japanese are massively fortified in the city, but they cannot stand against our men, our casualties are fairly light in squads, and I cannot see Rabaul lasting the week in Japanese hands.

Skipping a day, I have no idea what you are talking about?