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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 577: Operational Report: 06/07/43

I'm not sure how these guys survived.

but at least their survival allows them to do some damage to the incoming Betties – and if there's one thing I like, its shot down Betties.

The Superstack in the north moves quick, and I will soon have no real troops in the north to face them.

We continue to support ground operations in Rabaul with strategic bombing runs.

But as we all know all to well, you can bomb it, shell it and nuke it, but its not yours until you have one guy with a gun standing on it.

And that's what we do today. The remaining Japanese troops retreat east, where they will be ignored until the end of the war.
Also, please ignore the comment about nukes. Like you, I have no idea what these are, and anyone asking any more questions should report to military intelligence.

Most of our forces are out of Prome now and advancing south. This gives the Japanese bombers an easier time when it comes to hammering the airfield there.

Yeah, today was a dam good day. Rabaul is worth to the Japanese than it is to us, but it is still a great Prize.

Not only do we have a good haul of supplies, but we have on of the oil producing bases, further and permanently cutting the Japanese supply lines. The large airfield and port means that this is now the main base of operations in the region. I am now starting to ship planes and troops there. The invading forces have their new target now – Truk will soon be ours.

Well, by soon I mean in the next few months.