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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 581: Operational Report: 10/07/43

The Wildcats go out again, but there is little difference from yesterday.

I'm delivering new planes to the area, and the escort carriers that are protecting the convoy come under attack.

The China supply run is hit once more, I'm moving fighters up there, but they have not arrived yet.

Looks like I missed a few squadrons in the Rabual area.

This is more what I was planning, at 16 points, Umboi is not worth much, but I want to take it anyway.

No bombing of Truk today. Hopefully, this means that they are going to do a big raid tomorrow!

There are now just two days until the Yorktown is back in action. Then again, this is not today's big news.

She's back! Its only been a year since we last saw her, but now she on her way back to Pearl Harbor. This gives us another fleet carrier in the same month we took out on of the Japanese ships.