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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 582: Operational Report: 11/07/43

I've expanded my bombing campaign to try and find the base of those blasted Betties. This base has some defending fighters, which marks it as interesting.

Elsewhere the bombing campaign is designed to reduce their airfield and burn up supplies.

Truk is hit again, and the dead-eye bomber squadrons hit a destroyer.

The random fighting in the Marshalls continues today.

The airfield at Prome is really hammered today, and we don't have the flak in the area we used to. While I would like to use it to support my attack, its not a necessity.

Another sub is driven off around the West Coast – the hit reports them taking on water, but we can never be sure in these things.

I really want to hunt down the base of those Betties in the Dutch East Indies. By bombing randomly I should be able to cause some troubles.
Hitting Truk is proving to be continuously useful.