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Part 587: Operational Report: 16/07/43

The Japanese forgo bombing Shanghai to hit our main supply base in central China. Its just annoying I have no way of getting the supplies here out to the rest of our units quickly.

Another attack goes in on Sinyang, mainly because someone distracted me while setting orders.

(Soon to be) Mrs PACOM is now responsible for over three thousand dead Chinese.

I don't know what me carriers are doing, they’ve been in the area for two days, and nothings been blown up!

They finally get into action, but its not very impressive, only 250lbs of high explosives are delivered to the target.

The afternoon attack is a bit more effective, but we still take heavy losses to the more experianced Japanese fighters.

The bombing of Aitape continues.

And the Liberators are back in action above Truk.

28 air to air losses.
The new carriers all need some more experience. But the only way their going to get this is by shooting up the Japanese, so its going to be a hard road for them – the main carrier group has got a year and a half without heavy losses, so they are much more experienced than these guys. Hopefully adding the Saratoga will help redress the balance.

Turn Times
Depends on your CPU, on my system, the none combat calculations take maybe two minutes (I5 2.7gz quad core) - after that, it depends on how many battle "animations" you watch, I tend to skip the unimportant ones, and only watch the ones that may make interesting screenshots.

You can disable the combat animations completely, and only get the post combat reports.