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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 612: Operational Report: 10/08/43

Just because we've knocked out the airfield, it doesn’t mean we can't stop them repairing it.

I mean, we're also knocking out planes – the enemy may have unlimited supplies of them, but don't it just feel good.

We hit Truk, but the damage is minimal for the number of planes – lets hope its messed up the ground forces.

The fighting at Aitape continues.

The Shanghai Express continually surprises me – this time, mainly by getting this many planes into the air.

The Japanese finally realise that there are ships in Akyab – they've been there for a few days, unloading supplies and aircrew.

They attack them with five waves of aircraft, but are unable to score any reported hits.

The fighting at Rangoon is enough for us to disband one of our units – the lack of supplies is starting to show.

It looks like all the easy units on the coast have been policed up, we may have a proper fight on our hands from here on out.

The invasion of Truk is next on my lists, I'm also planning for other movements, but they need another month of planning.
We gain a mini sub and a cargo ship onto our lists, both are worth ten points between them. I want to also show this situation off.