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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 636: Operational Report: 03/09/43

Marcus Island – wish these ships would load those troops quicker.

I mean, seriously.

It looks like the Japanese are reinforcing the Marianas islands, the Gunnel puts a stop to one ship.

The Japanese attack Shanghai once more, trying to knock the express out once more.

There are more bombing runs on Co's Bazar. The Japanese seem to like cycling through the airfields in the area.

The attack into Rangoon fails to take any fortifications down, but does take out some of their troops – these attacks will continue until we reduce the fortifications, or losses get very heavy.

Hollandia and bombs, a match made in heaven.

The Express goes in once more, and once more, fails to hit anything. I'm going to drop their runs to 20,000 feet and see what happens then.

Well, ships are moving, attacks are occurring, but there is little strategic planning for today. I clear some overdue subs from the list, and sort out some more. But that is it.
Oh, and I've sent the battleships from Marcus back on their own.