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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 660: Operational Report: 27/09/43

The Bonefish picks off a escort ship.

Hollandia continues to be bombed.

As is Mandang.

We take the base at Salamaua, sending the Japanese defenders fleeing.

At Truk, our men are rested and get back into action with a bang.

Yesterdays raid on Nagasaki prompts a revenge attack on Shanghai.

Its been a while since we saw some battleships get hit, and the Japanese carriers change this.

They were nearly at a point when I would have risked them in the open sea as well.

Dam the Japanese and their penchant for battleships!

At least I've cleared out another useless base. Hopefully Truk will fall soon, I also have Rangoon starting up tomorrow and my forces have reached Haichow, and will be trying an attack tomorrow.