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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 670: Operational Report: 07/10/43

So, we apparently have 11 Hurricanes here, but only one gets into the combat, and it runs away!

We get into action for the next wave, these are green pilots though, based in the base to the north east, under the clouds.

We bomb Mandang, but like may attacks on ground forces, its hard to know how effective its been.

The carriers help out at Hollandia.

We see another attack by the Haichow forces, this one causes them to destroy one of their own units. The folly of these attacks is plain. I shall continue to let them attack, and once they have stopped, that will signal my own attacks to begin.

We do run into a fairly strong Japanese force at Nanyag, the forces to the south are the veteran Sinyangers – I feel I have found their next battle.

You know, sometimes I think this game hates me, or at least it has a great sense of humour.

“You know, you've not lost a battleship in a while. Lets have one sink at anchor.”