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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 705: Operational Report: 11/11/43

The Manus assault continues.

There is more fighting over Akyab.

The fighters get up into the air for the second wave as always.

One of our Escort carriers gets close to Maleolap, and decides to deal with some of the remaining fighters there.

The Japanese throw them selves at our forces in Haichow in a full on Shock attack, it costs them 17,000 men, but our men retreat!

Tuyen, a empty base near the Indochina border, falls to our forces.

Owch, I was not expecting that! (But you guys in the thread did – current me)The men at Haichow are ordered back into the fray – I don't want those Japanese troops escaping! Luckily 40,000 men remain to pin the Japanese down, I just don't want any more retreating!