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Part 706: Operational Report: 12/11/43

The latest invasion of Maleolap begins, and this time, we're not getting wreaked by fire from the fortresses. The months of starvation have worked it seems! These are the only hits that our ships take all day.

The escort carrier removes some of the remaining air support.

But a few light bombers make a try for our ships.

After all the death and destruction of the first attempt, today sees the starving Japanese wiped out in a day.

There are also reports of Supply ships near the Marianas.

Truk is attacked by Betties, but they seem to be level bombing, and hit nothing.

We drop more bombs on Biak.

It seems that the Japanese will attack further north than Akyab, but only to the Calcutta region.

The Shanghai Express seem to want to get Shanghai bombed again in retaliation.

Huh? Is that a ground attack?

More of our men retreat at Haichow. This may have suddenly turned into a reversal for us.

At least things go our way at Kaifeng, with the last of the Japanese defences and one unit being destroyed.

See, this was a good day. That's another major threat wiped out. The losses at Haichow are a downer, but in the end, I can just retreat down the coast to a more defensible position. Taking Maleolap with limited losses is a good thing.

The Marshall's look good now, and look, I've even got supply ships in the area!