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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 730: Operational Report: 06/12/43

Another sub gets another kill.

I like working torpedoes. Unfortunately the Bonefish's aim needs improvement.

The Japanese make another deep strike, but we have planes ready for them this time.

We blast a hole in the enemy defences at Rangoon, maybe this is the start of the last offensive in the city?

The Japanese also raid Hollandia, but we make them pay dear.

We bomb Guam, but the few bombers we send up cannot get through the massed Japanese fighters.

Shanghai is bombed once more, I'm not going to get the runway working any time soon, am I?

There is another bloody day at Kaifeng, but we come out on top.

Things are moving in the right direction at Rangoon. Lets hope they break quickly now.