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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 742: Operational Report: 18/12/43

Our carriers run into something that they should be sinking.

They do get a hit on the cargo ship once daylight arrives.

The Japanese hit Jessore one more.

Dammit, time to rest up at Rangoon again.

As well as the forces at Mandalay.

The Sinyang force arrives at Kaifeng, and we now have the advantage in AV. I'll try a deliberate attack tomorrow, but I expect that it will end badly – I have to try though, the Japanese have battered themselves against us for weeks now.

We take Amchitka, and will be reloading troops to take Kiska Island.

Another base falls into my hands, even if it is a half frozen unimportant one. Its still a reduction in the Japanese Empire.
We gain another hundred points on the Japanese, all is good.