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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 752: Operational Report: 28/12/43

The Betties come in over Hollandia again – and this time they drop bombs near our ships before fleeing.

Our bombers do go out today, and we make a strike on Biak.

They enemy Betties then come back, and we deal with them much more effectively.

There is another attack on Marcus Island, and one of our ships is sunk with its cargo lost.

They return in the afternoon and the Brevard takes a hit.

Our ships begin to land troops at Jaluit the Japanese fortress there returns fire, but the only damage they do is a hit to the Bancroft.

Although they've been cut off for months, the Japanese are still ready to set up a strong defence.

The Japanese make an attack on some of our forces deep in Burma.

These invasions are minor, and going poorly, but I'm not to worried. I'll soon be planning the main attacks in New Guinea.
My forces for the opening of the Burma road should be there tomorrow, so we'll see if that's going to work.