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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 753: Operational Report: 29/12/43

The Japanese do another of their deep raids.

They then strike at Madras, the flack there does its job well, but the enemy still cause some damage.

Of course, Akyab comes under attack.

We also deal with the next wave.

There is another raid on Marcus Island, but our planes are ready today, and disrupt the attack.

The return in the afternoon, and we deal with them quickly and efficiently.

The battle for Jaluit continues, but the men won't rest until they are all ashore.

The Japanese throw themselves at us in Kaifeng once more, and suffer for it.

We knock off another good load of enemy troops. And the most interesting news for you today is that the bulk of the forces from Rangoon have arrived to open up the Burma road, and it seems there is a good amount of supplies waiting for them.

Tomorrow could be interesting.