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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 767: Operational Report: 12/01/44

The Biak invasion force comes under attack, and more planes rain down on the Valiant.

On this attack, I am sure the words “Japanese aircraft carrier damaged” are seen. But I must be seeing things.

They do take out those two ships who have been bothering me for a while.

The battle over Akyab continues as normal.

From nowhere, the Akagi and Kaga appear near Baker island, this is deep in what I would consider my territory, and takes me by complete surprise. This could have been a lot worse, but I have long ago killed all the decent carrier pilots in the Japanese ranks.

Another thrilling day, as the Japanese carriers have been seen at last.

DEEP in behind my lines. How the hell did no one spot them? I want all of Intelligence sent to Kiafeng!

I have no one to get to them, barring what seems to be my entire bloody sub fleet.
God dam the AI, at least I have the chance to hunt them down with many many subs.

Oh god, its Friday the 13th tomorrow, isn't it....