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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 766: Operational Report: 11/01/44

My day starts with a task force running into a damaged enemy task force.

The carriers then attack Sorong rather than the base full of crazy kamikazes.

Then things go my way, and spectacularly.

That's four ships sunk, seven more damaged and over six thousand Japanese soldiers consigned to a watery grave. And I've not lost a plane to action.
The afternoon arrives, and our planes are refulled.

Boom. two more sunk, another three thousand casualties and seven more ships that will never make it home.
The task force that ran into the enemy force this morning arrives at Biak in the afternoon, and unloads its troops.

The Japanese attack immediately, the late landing has stopped us getting many troops ashore, but they hold off their attackers.

The fighting over Akyab continues along.

An attack at Mandalay does not yield the casualties previous attacks have, but I should not be greedy on a day like this.

What more can I say about today than this.

That's six confirmed ships, and we gain on the Japanese by 200 points today. The carriers will have to return home now, they are low on sorties and fuel.
The Sorong invasion force is heading home, but I've diverted them in to Biak.