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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 765: Operational Report: 10/01/44

Our battered invasion force finally arrive at Sorong.

Overhead, Betties swarm, but with the carriers on station, only one slams into the side of the battleship.

I'm not so lucky in the afternoon, but at least I now know which airbase they are coming from.

The carriers support the invasion as they can.

We bomb Biak, and you can see the invasion force incoming.

On the ground, the Japanese try and throw our forces from their beach head.

Its been quiet in China for a while, but the Japanese decide to liven things up.

There is another attempt on the Burma road, but they need to rest for longer.

We also go back to butchering the Japanese at Mandalay.

I'm glad the invasion force is landing now, as I don't know how many more days of these suicide attacks I can take in one invasion.