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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 764: Operational Report: 09/01/44

Some ships have no luck – Kamikazied yesterday, and torpedoed today.

The Kamikazes hit the invasion force once more.

Then some Kates come in, with a more conventional attack.

Then some Helans come in.

Our carriers are being very useful in the south.

The Japanese somehow have enough bombers to try an attack on Hollandia.

But seriously, dam these Kamikazes.

The our carriers finally pick on a useful target.

Then get back to bombing islands.

Boom, another tanker taken out!

The Barb goers back in to make sure though.

No ground combat of note today, but I'm already hating the Kamikazes.

The Valiant is holding up well.

I wish I could say the same about these two.

I'll get a list of sunk ships up, but it won't be until next week, as we are at the high point of the buffer.