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by Grey Hunter

Part 791: Operational Report: 05/02/44

That's it, I'm going to move planes away from Marcus Island.

I've started bombing Peleliu, although apparently not the airfield.

I hit Babo as well.

Clunk! Dammit

No wait! How can a submarine be on fire?

I Totally forgot about this assault, and I think it deserves to be in this category.

The Japanese hit us again at Kiafeng, I have to hope they get disrupted before the AV's level out.

Topknot is carrying on, and it looks like I may well take the island quickly. I'll need to get some bombers into the area to test the range.

The first carrier force has reached Pearl, and it looks like the Iwo-Jima invasion will begin in fifteen to twenty five days. Sooner if the other carriers need less repairs.

18,000 men are there. It will be a tough battle, but better now than when they have dug in more.