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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 829: Operational Report: 14/03/44

Our subs make an appearance. I think they may just be running out of targets.

The new escort carrier in Iwo actually does its job.

This leads to an increase in Japanese plane losses, and a decrease in planes ramming into me.

Of course, they just switch to torpedoes.

I line the next state up on the block, and reinforce the troops on the ground.

These troops are thrown right into action!

Owch, Fuck Me. That was nto as planned.

We see another hit on a battleship.

The random bombing campaign continues, I really should concentrate these planes.

Here, Japanese attacks at KIAfeng are starting to burn non-combat troops, its definitely time for me to strike.

Okay, Iwo-Jima is turning into a meat grider, this ones going to lead to some anti-war films in fifty years time. Those losses cost us 300 points and take the daily total to -250.

There is nothing for it now however, I'm commited.