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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 831: Operational Report: 16/03/44

One of the carrier groups has refuelled, and is back in action.

We pick off another troop ship.

And a couple more ships further north.

The carriers fend off a number of small sized attack waves, then hit the island airfields.

There is another bloody day of fighting on Iwo, I wish the shock attacks would stop!

I really wish the bombers at Guam would concentrate.

We kick it off at Ambon once more, and seem to make progress.

The Japanese make another attack on KIAfeng, losing hundreds of squads.

When we counter attack, it seems we will need to stop this for a while.

Troops have arrived in Rangoon, so once more I shall begin assaulting the city. Lets hopefully things go better this time.