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Part 877: Operational Report: 01/05/44

It seems the Japanese are not averse to a bit of low level bombing theirselves.

Rangoon is attacked once more, but I'm slowly spreading my aircover south.

Our own bombers take another crack at Moulmein, but the Japanese move a load of fighters into the area.

Deep inland, one of the Aussie divisions smashes into a group of shattered Japanese units.

In this case “Destroyed by flak” means “Ran into a balloon”.

The carriers take out another ship, and cripple three more.

They also practice overkill!

But do they provide support to Iwo-jima?

Of course not!

There were some large scale surrenders here yesterday, and it shows today.

This is the last gasp of the defenders of Iwo-jima.

We break through a defensive line at Sorong.

Today is a dark day, the last defenders of Iwo have surrendered, but the second attack will continue, we need to make up for this disgrace!

So, a dark day marks the end of a dark month.

Over the course of the month, we lost ground on the Japanese to the tune of 850 points, and now trail by 2,250 points! We were so close to actually looking like we were winning the war!
Its the dammed base points I tell you! Look at how they have been jumping up and down!

Ground losses have mounted for us this month, while Japanese losses have stabilized.

The losses in planes has tapered off as well, as the Japanese bombers are less active in Burma.

We lost 21 ships this month, to the Japanese 5. not a good month for them was it.

Ahh well, I can't get worse next month, can it?

Finally, as the list of Japanese Cruisers is up there he is what we have sunk.

And here are the Battleships we've sunk!

Finally, a list of sunk Carriers.