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by Grey Hunter

Part 929: Operational Report: 22/06/44

Has someone given my sub captains liquor? They seem to be missing all the time.

That's better.

We continue to bomb Hokkaido.

As the day ends, we get a fantastic hit.

Our bombers roar back into action here, but I need to switch them to hitting the ground targets.

We also continue to suppress the Guam airfield.

While the Japanese bomb our forces.

The Japanese are really coming apart at Morotai.

This theatre continues to heat up once more, I have some men advancing towards Tiensin, and they run into a Japanese force, who immediately attack them and get themselves butchered.

Its time to rest up at KIAfeng.

Another good day, we're not doing anything amazing, but nothing is really going wrong at this time. The first carrier group and the bombardment fleet goes out tomorrow, as soon as they have received another batch of plane replacements.

Sorry about the late update, I ran out of time yesterday. House hunting is a pain! now with the right day!