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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 932: Operational Report: 25/06/44

Prome is today's target for the Japanese forces.

This is a very accurate strike by our Avengers.

The get some more hits with a second wave.

The bombers here take heavy losses for a single hit.

The Sapporo bombers know their work.

I'm not sure what the Express think their bombing though. I need to check what is at Tokuyama.

The men at Morotai can rest when the Japanese soldiers here surrender or are eliminated.

We then get information that two units have been wiped out by attrition, and the rest surrounded. Then end here is nigh.

We are winning the war once more! Tomorrow, base points drop by 10,000 and the Japanese laugh at me!
In fact, I expect to take at least one base tomorrow.