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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 947: Operational Report: 10/07/44

All these planes, and I can't get air superiority in Burma. Dam the terrain.

The Japanese send a few more planes our way.

Most of the attacks run with one or two losses, and number a dozen or so planes, this is the largest attack, and it won't be that large tomorrow.

On the ground, we continue to do well, Japanese defences are failing fast.

We are seeing fewer bombers over Japan, so it may be time to rest them up for a while, while the airfield expands.

The other bombers do get a few hits in.

Disruption has set in at KIAfeng, but I shall continue the attacks for another day or so, to see if a collapse begins.

As you can see, there is another bombardment force coming in to Guam, and the troop transports are leaving. This means I've managed to limit my ship losses for this stage of the invasion. For the once Guam is mine, I shall be able to bring in fighters for close support and we shall move north.

Then its on to the Philippines!