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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 951: Operational Report: 14/07/44

Fighters over Shanghai. Will wonders never cease?

Japanese carrier on station! The carrier group is under attack!

Well, that was a little anti-climatic, if very satisfactory. Unfortunatly, our own counter attack faces the same fate. My planes are set to escort, so I have no idea why they are sending these waves in with no escort! I shall have to bring all ships in and take a look at them.

The two carrier groups both seem to be on the defensive with their fighters, and lose large numbers of bombers in multiple attacks.

This is a disaster for both sides. Except I can bring a fresh support force up to replace these losses.

I have troops loading for an attack north in Sorong, and the Japanese try for them.

The changed pattern continues, with us having planes over Rangoon.

That was a brutal day, but at least I know that there are Japanese carriers operating just to the north of the islands. I can now plan for this. I do need to bring our ships home for a time to repair damage and replace losses. But that should be no problem, it is the loss of the skilled pilots that hurts.
That said, we did come out on top, and no ships took damage.