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War in the Pacific

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Part 954: Operational Report: 17/07/44

It takes one more dud, but we get a torpedo hit. I need to fire someone at Torpedo inspection.

The bombers repaired quickly, and I decided to give commanders choice, aircraft factories a go, it seems to be effective, and the city gets something of a pasting as well.

We get some more troops at Sapporo.

The shorter ranged bombers also make a mess of their target.

The Japanese response of crashing into our ships continues. The Wildcats here are useless.

I have a carrier group on station to protect the incoming reinforcements for Guam. The others need another 12 days to repair their damage and replace their lost planes.

The heavy bombers from Truk see no fighters in defence of Tinian, and level the airfield there.

Most of the fighters seem to be throwing themselves at my carriers.

It turns into another turkey shoot day.

It looks like things are finally over at KIAfeng.

So the Japanese lost at least 40,000 men yesterday. This is really going to hurt them. As is the 130 planes they lost today. We also did over a hundred points worth of strategic damage.