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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 955: Operational Report: 18/07/44

The number of planes I can get into the air around Rangoon is increasing day on day it seems.

The Tavoy troops are absorbing a lot of the bombing runs, and giving me time to rebuild the Burma airfields.

The bombers take to the air once more, and more of Japan begins to burn.

Sapporo takes multiple hits.

We really paste the Lily factory today.

The Japanese take another crack at our loading troop ships.

Things are on the move in China. The Japanese move a force in to attack our forces north of Nanking, but it goes poorly for them.

We continue to root out the last defenders in KIAfeng.

Hue falls to our forces in one day.

Luangprabang will take longer to take, having heavier fortifications.

Ahh, more of Indochina falls into my hands, and its time to continue the march south, We also caused another hundred points of strategic damage.