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Part 12: Egypt Fucking Sucks - Pyramid Pt 2

Egypt Fucking Sucks - Pyramid Pt 2

I'd forgotten just how shitty and boring this whole section was, so I'll just skip through most of it. Here are some of the level's less tedious moments...

Hey, what's this wire doing h....

To get to the next level we have to solve this puzzle, and make all the lines add up to the same number. But the punishments for failing to make it in time are slightly more severe than in 'The Crystal Maze'

And we get to murder a crocodile - enabling us to full the pots we've been collecting with enough water to put out the coals upstairs and then... yeah, you get the picture. The whole level is just about wandering around, getting an object, going back downstairs, using it on another object, which gives you another object to use upstairs to.. etc.

But at last, we reach the top of the pyramid! All that remains is to put the tiles into this wall and.. oh, fuck this. We need four tiles, but we've only got three. Which means trekking all the way back down again, searching every single level until we find another tile.

Next time - when I get enough patience - we'll be defeating the evil brother, and enraging pagans everywhere by shooting a witch in the face.