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Part 11: Walk Like An Egyptian - Pyramid Pt 1

Walk Like An Egyptian - Pyramid Pt 1

The final of the four levels has roaming around a pyramid in search of our girlfriend, who has been kidnapped by our evil brother. The pyramid has been sealed, so there's no way out.

Duh, you think so? Our first stop is the office of the now deceased architect. He's dead, all right. So he won't be needing any of his stuff. Once again, it's a good idea to pillage everything you come across.

In fact, this level is one of the easier ones. The combat is a piece of cake, and it's more about the puzzles than anything else. It's also pretty damn nondescript, so we'll be following tried and tested method of picking a wall and following it all the way round.

A few corridors and rooms later, we have a bunch of random stuff, including a tile, some sand a bunch of jars. And then this guy pops up. Shit. All we've got a dagger. It's a close run thing, but we manage to defeat him. Cool thing is, we can take his weapon. Which makes it easier to take out the next guy. And so on. Until we run into...

.. a problem. This glass barrier is apparently too thick to break. So we turn around and continue. Running right into...

.. this guy. No-one can stop us, no-one! Kind of thirsty work, though. We find a handy pool we can drink from. There's some warning about there being a creature in it. Blah blah blah. We've just slaughtered about six million guards - bring it on.

Oh, bugger.