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Part 2: Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cher-ee! - London Part 1

Triple20 posted:

Voting London. Also, why would someone make a wax zombie graveyard?

Well, supposedly the waxworks were created as time portals to send you back to the past where the evil twins were causing chaos.

Chim chiminey chim chiminey chim chim cher-ee! - London Part 1

Hurrah! It's jolly old London Town! What hijinks await us here?

Ick. Seems we've materialized right on top of one of Jack The Ripper's victims. Maybe we can search her corpse for a clue of some kind. Apparently not, though, because we soon feel a hand on our shoulder..

Wait, officer! I had nothing to do with this. I'm just here to hunt down Jack The Ripper, who is in fact my evil twin brothe... er.. twin.. oh, shit.

We've been hung by the neck until we're dead. Time to reload.

Okay, after exploring a bit, we manage to avoid the police. Which is made difficulty by two things - one, that it's easy to press the arrow key one extra time and end up turning 90 degrees too far. And secondly, the police are like the monsters from Doctor Who's Blink. You'll never see them move, they just end up being closer when you turn your back. Christ, it's scary. Well, at least nothing more can go wrong.

Er, hello there.. say, you don't happen to read The Sun, by any chance?

Bollocks. This happens a lot - not only are there policemen on this level, but there's also an enraged mob wandering around. A quick conversation with our crystal-ball dwelling dead uncle suggests that it might be a good idea to get a disguse and there's a tailor's shop somewhere in the city.

So avoiding the police, we manage to sneak around to back of the nearby houses and warehouses and see what's what. We manage to find a rope, and some animal guts. Jackpot!

A search of this otherwise empty warehouse also provides us with a cool plank. So now we're running around London, lookling like Jack The Ripper with a massive plank of wood on our shoulders. Really inconspicous.

But it does have a use. We can get into the back yard of the Tailor's shop, go up a ladder and use the plank to cross the gap on the roof. Leading us into this locksmith's shop. We quickly loot every damn item off the counter. Now quake in fear, Evil Brother. With animal guts, a handbell, a notepad, a broom and a skeleton key at my disposal, you are surely doomed!

And finally, we use the rope on the chimney on the roof to climb down to the tailor's shop and 'borrow' some fetching clothes. Tragically, the game won't let you wander around town wearing your pants, a waistcoat and a riding hat. We're forced to opt for something more sensible such as a suit and bowler hat. Now, with a proper disguise maybe we can do a little more investigating..